5 weeks workshop on the creation and visual realization of an Instagram feed for a brand of our choice. 

We chose to work on Oreo's Instagram page to create a more coherent feed with more regular posting.

Oreo is one of the only brand that promote the drinking of a glass of milk while eating their biscuits. Oreo is also known to be a biscuit that can be eaten in different ways (with milk, twisting,...).

For our project, we decided to illustrate one way of eating the Oreo : with a glass of milk. Our storyline evolved around this idea : our Oreo is looking for a glass of milk. It escapes the factory and goes on an adventure.

Collaboration with Mélissa Hofman, Kevin Durand et Benoit Huyhn.



We almost immediately decided to go with paper art, as it suited the audience : children and their parents. It also encourages children and parents to be more creative and have fun with paper.

We chose to stay with blue colors, as well as white and black, to stay in the universe of Oreo.