alexandra costanza

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Alexandra, the Art Direction student behind Lamedemots. I was both born and raised in Switzerland.

Thanks to a childhood filled with books, a path towards writing was the natural next step. I have too many ideas for novels and it is a disease. As for now, my writing is not available, as it is mainly stories that aren't finished at all.

I also started doing some photography, as a hobby first, not taking it seriously. It took me a year-break (due to a broken camera) and a complete change of studies to go back to a more artistic life. It is only after two years of studying psychology that I came to my senses and changed courses. I still had a strong interest in that field but could not see myself as a therapist. After a lot of thoughts and talks with my support system, I made the leap!

Changing my curriculum was one of the best decision I made so far.


Welcome, I hope you will enjoy my work!